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UPS Mobile app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 7104 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: UPS
Current version: 6.3.0, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 29 Oct 2009
App size: 95.26 Mb

Easily manage shipments on the go with the UPS Mobile app.

· Track and nickname shipments

· Create shipping labels

· Find UPS service locations

· Estimate shipment costs and delivery times

Make Home Delivery Quick and Easy with UPS My Choice®

Sign up for UPS My Choice in the app—it’s free and easy. UPS My Choice sends delivery alerts right to your mobile device, letting you plan your schedule and make changes to shipments going to your home no matter where you are. With UPS My Choice on the UPS mobile app you can:

· Get delivery alerts letting you know when your package will arrive

· Have your packages delivered somewhere else, like a friend’s house, or delivered on a different date that’s more convenient for you

· Authorize your driver to leave packages at your home without a signature.

· Track packages without tracking numbers as incoming deliveries are automatically added to your app’s Delivery Planner list

Even if you don’t log in, you can:

· Track packages and freight shipments

· Save up to 5 tracking numbers in your tracking list

· Find and quickly filter UPS service locations

· Get a quote on shipment costs and transit times

For an optimal experience, please provide permission for the UPS Mobile App to access your following device features:
Camera – Use your camera to scan a label and track a package
Location – Use your current location to find the nearest UPS location
Social networks – Use your social network accounts to log in to the UPS Mobile App
Push Notifications – Receive push notification updates on package statuses

Pros and cons of UPS Mobile app for iPhone and iPad

UPS Mobile app good for

I read all the reviews and people said it didnt track. It just so happen that I copied the tracking number of my package then I found this app. Soon as the app was downloaded it read my copy board and asked if this was the package number that I was trying to track. Typed "yes" and automatically it did its thing and found the package and location point.
For me it is particularly useful. No issues and it as accurate as the website.
As previous reviewer posted, app automatically finds copied tracking numbers and tracks packages. All screens and options were fluid in use and perform flawlessly. Negative posters must work for the competition...
Not sure why this app is getting bad reviews its awesome. It allows me to release the package and tell the driver to leave on porch. Incredibly useful. I havent found a problem yet. Good work. The UI could look a little nicer tho
This App tells you when a shipment is arriving, you dont have to enter long shipping numbers. It allows you to change packages to be delivered to an access point instead of your shipping address. It even emails you to remind you that your shipment is arriving the next day. UPS is the BEST!!
I used this app and worked very good on my iPhone 6s from the time my item was shipped from uk until I got my box in Canada

Some bad moments

Well, apart from the fact that were all *still* waiting for a native iPad release, the bad news is that your latest build for iphone can no longer be used in compatibility mode on the iPad: on the delivery planner tab, its no longer possible to browse trough the end of the list, because the app doesnt want to stay on the last entry, it jumps immediately to the previous one. This way your app is completely useless. Please fix it.
The app did not refresh the status of my package like the website did. The website was more accurate and up to date
For a large company this is a terrible app. It is 2016, no iPad version and the iPhone versions does not track. Website is accurate but this app failed with 3 different packages. Fire the company who designed it and start over. Stop trying to advertise within the app. We are already using UPS or we would not be using the app. Will no longer ship UPS till this is fixed and reviews improve.
Some of the reviews state that all they get is a black screen. Others are happy with the app. I figured since it was free, Id download it and see for myself. Open the app, see a quick Hello UPS then total blackness. Blacker than night. Blacker than coal. Too bad I cant give zero stars for this app. Hope they fix it, but if they dont, Ill use the website.
Open the app to total blackness. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Been this way for far too long-plenty of time to correct it. FAIL
If there are more than one deliveries listed on the home page, included passed deliveries, the later deliveries get pushed further down the screen and cannot be selected. This makes the app pretty much useless at that point.

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